Rooted for more than twenty years in the terroir of Faugères

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Originally a small village haberdashery run by a seamstress grandmother who worked with natural materials with respect and talent, today grapes have taken the place of cloth but the taste for good work remains. Today, the grapes have taken the place of the fabrics but the taste for a job well done remains. On the wild schists of Faugères, the vines are entirely worked organically. The small bunches of grapes, which ripen quietly in the shade of the leaves, are harvested by hand. The wines are then made in the traditional way, without artifice, so that temperament and softness, power and freshness, flower and fruit aromas can be expressed.

Pied de cinsault dans les vignes du domaine de l'Ancienne Mercerie

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The expression of schist in such beautiful grapes harvested entirely by hand.

Porte de la cave du domaine de l'Ancienne Mercerie

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To accompany them without ever betraying them.

Our Wines

Sincere, a little wild but eager to please you.

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"Couture" is a wine whose charm lies in its balance: a big engine, associated with a nice sporty and slender body. Couture is a Grand Vin, because it tastes very well when young, and also has a great potential for ageing (more than 20 years!). Culinary advice: a stew of wild boar or lamb chops grilled with thyme.
With Nathalie and François, it is first and foremost the story of an encounter that at first sight and at first words assures us that it will be beautiful and that it will last. Like them, their wines, without any concession to the times, are discovered and tamed as they meet. Wines without fuss, I was going to say without Frou-Frou, which dress up my cooking so well.
I knew Nathalie and François' wines through a wine shop in Montpellier. Then I met them and I must say that I was not surprised. Their wines resemble them, honest, straightforward, with that touch of terroir, pleasure and longevity that I particularly appreciate. Their latest wine "La Guerre des Boutons" has reconciled me with natural wines without added sulfites.
Sylvain Tourrière
Creator of the Midi-Vin website

It is not enough that a food is good to eat, it must also be good to think.

Claude Lévi-Strauss

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Small estate, small volumes, we can’t be everywhere. The best thing to do is to contact your wine merchant. Coming to meet us in Autignac is obviously a very good solution which will also allow you to taste and discuss with us. Last solution: we ship from 12 bottles at postage free prices on our online shop.